Meet Our Team

Operations Management


Practice Owner

Petri enjoys being the boss and runs a tight ship. He always makes sure that his minions are in line and ready to give him lots of treats. If he isn’t willingly given treats, he has no issue with stealing what he needs. Petri has a total of six extra toes and is proud to be a fancy polydactyl cat.



Legolas is Petri’s right-hand man and does not mind reprimanding any employees that they deem to be out of line. He agrees with Petri’s philosophy on theft of food, and he is always hungry. Legolas only has three legs, so he and Petri balance each other out well.


Dr. Casey Wittwer


Dr. Wittwer was born and raised in St. George, Utah. After high school, he spent two years in Mexico on an LDS mission. He attended Dixie State College, then moved to colder weather at Utah State University, and completed veterinary school at Washington State University. After graduating in 2007, Dr. Wittwer started his career in Las Vegas, but family ties and a desire to return to Southern Utah brought him to Hurricane. He met his wife, Andrea, at a dog flyball competition and they have four kids that love to visit their dad at work.  The Wittwers have their own zoo with two dogs, three cats, goats, turkeys, a goose, chickens, a tea cup pig, and mini horses.

Dr. Wittwer loves being a veterinarian. His main focuses are with internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. Dr. Wittwer also does acupuncture and ultrasound. He enjoys the challenge of understanding why pets get ill and helping them get better.

Dr. Jaime Goolsby


Dr. Goolsby is from Little Rock, Arkansas and has wanted to be a veterinarian her entire life. She has worked in various veterinary clinics since 2011 and was introduced to exotic medicine at the Little Rock Zoo. She received two bachelors degrees in Animal Science and Zoology at Oklahoma State University, and then proceeded into the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her main interests are in small animal internal medicine and exotic pet medicine.

Dr. Goolsby and her husband fell in love with Utah on a road trip and are excited to call Hurricane home. They have a fur family that includes two cats, Simba and Muffin, and two dogs, Maya and Cheddar. In her free time Dr. Goolsby enjoys hiking, kayaking, and camping.



Practice Manager

Nicole has been working in the veterinary field since 2007, and has been at Zion Vet since 2016. Her favorite parts of the job are performing dental cleanings, helping with surgeries, and snuggling the fur kids.

Nicole loves heavy metal music. She has a variety of animals at home including dogs, cats, lizards, rabbits, and even axolotls!



Jeri has lived in St. George for most of her life. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Dixie State University in Integrated Studies with emphases in Biology and Psychology in 2011. She has been at Zion Vet since 2012. Jeri’s favorite parts of the job are performing dental cleanings, placing intravenous catheters, and “working” (or playing) with the furry clients. She has two dog, two cats, one snake, one bunny, and two human kids.


Allison grew up with dogs has wanted to work with animals since she was a kid. She has an Associates in Veterinary Science and is a Certified Vet Tech, and has worked as a vet tech since 2017. She has a mini poodle mix, a cat, 7 chickens, 10 little fish, and a chubby human child.


Megan lived in Northern Utah until she decided to escape the snow and move to Southern Utah in 2020. She has always had dogs and loved them her whole life. She went to Animal Behavior College and worked as a dog trainer for 8 years before venturing into the veterinary field.



Morgan has been a vet tech since 2018. She is enrolled in a veterinary technician program and plans on being a vet tech for a long time. She has a deaf dog named Capella who has the funniest personality and has taught her that some challenges are well worth conquering.


Mikayla was born in North Carolina and moved out West in 2006. She has wanted to work with animals her whole life and loves getting to meet all the animals. She is a dog mom of four, including two local rescues.


Lexie grew up spending time at the vet clinic where her grandma worked. She worked at a veterinary hospital, boarding facility, and the local emergency clinic before ending up at Zion Vet. She quickly realized that veterinary medicine is her passion!


Katie grew up locally on a small farm with cows, pigs, and chickens. She interned for Zion Vet for a while during high school before being hired in April of 2021. She plans to go to college to become a veterinarian. Katie enjoys making crafts and baking in her free time.


Nichole was born in California and lived in North Dakota as well before moving to Southern Utah. Nichole is currently in school working towards her bachelor’s degree in biology, and hopes to go to vet school soon. She has two cats, two dogs, cows, horses, chickens, and a tortoise.


Avery was born in Lake Elsinore, California and lived there until she moved to St. George to attend DSU. She finishes her bachelor’s in biology in May 2022, and plans to eventually attend vet school. She has always loved dogs and hopes to care for animals her whole life.


Jacob was born in Canada and has been living in Southern Utah for about 7 years now. He got his bachelor’s degree in biology at Dixie State University working towards his dream: working as a zookeeper. His favorite animals are polar bears and otters.


Liz is from Long Beach, California, and moved to Southern Utah about five years ago. She grew up loving animals and was exposed to the human medical field throughout her life, so she gained an interest in animal medicine as well. She is enrolled to become a certified assistant.



Brenda is a rockstar receptionist. Her favorite parts of the job are her coworkers and meeting the pets that come in. She enjoys crafting, Harley rides with her husband, and anything outdoors.


Tru was born in Boston, and moved to Utah in 2020 from San Francisco. She got a degree in the arts, but her biggest love has always been animals. For Tru, getting to work at an animal clinic proves that you are never too old to make your childhood wishes come true. Tru’s coworkers love her fun personality.