Declaw Form

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Declaw Form

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Take Home Instructions for Declaw



  • Confine to a small room (i.e., bathroom) where your kitty cannot jump on/off furniture for 14 days.
  • Encourage your pet to “take it easy” for 14 days, with no rough play.
  • E-collar must be worn for 14 days.
  • Bandages should be removed by the veterinarian 3-4 days after surgery. After bandages have been removed, check your cat’s feet daily for any swelling or discharge.
  • A paper or pelleted litter should be used for 2 weeks after the surgery (a bag will be sent home)
  • Your pet may be reluctant to eat the night after surgery; this is normal. Offer about half the normal amount of food. If your pet vomits, remove the food and water bowls for 4 hours, then try again with smaller amounts. If your pet continues to vomit, call us at the clinic.
  • Keep your pet dry for 14 days; no baths, swimming, etc.
  • If your pet had an IV catheter, the bandage can be removed in 1-2 hours.

Please notify us if your pet:

  • Has bleeding from the toes, chews or damages the toes, or has difficulty walking.
  • Is vomiting or still reluctant to eat 12+ hours after being picked up.
  • Becomes depressed or lethargic.

Please call us at (435) 635-4033 with any questions or concerns.